[Brooke Castillo]

[Life Coach]

[Helping you channel your full potential]

[Hi, I’m Brooke! I’m here for all of your life coaching and goal setting needs.]

[My Story]

[I began coaching in 2006. I have coached thousands of clients to improve their lives, their weight, their businesses, and their careers. I love life coaching and am passionate about helping people reach their goals.]

[My Values & Beliefs]


[I’ll always be truthful about your goals and how realistic they are.]


[I will never share anything you tell me with anyone else.]


[I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.]

[My Approach]

[I create momentum and enthusiasm. This allows for better goals to be set, ones that naturally motivate the client. The client develops new skills, which lead to greater success.]

[I focus where the client wants me to focus: Your goals are my goals. Although, I might have some radical suggestions for just how to reach those goals more quickly.]

[Featured Publications]


[Wellness Book Series]

  • [Part 1 – Assessing Your Life]
  • [Part 2 – Setting Goals]
  • [Part 3 – Road to Success]